Rough translation of lines 675 – 687

He spoke then, the man of goodness, some boastful words, Beowulf of the Geats, before he went to bed bedded down. “I myself, one of in regards to martial prowess, do not consider myself any less battle-keen lowlier in war work than the Grendel himself. Therefore, I will not have him put to sleep sleeped by the sword, although I may be deprived of deprive him of his life in that way. He knows nothing of good things, that he strikes against me, hews the shield’s edge, though he may be strong in the way of spite rancorwork he may be. Tonight the two of us shall forgo the blade, if he seeks bold war over weapons, and afterward God in his wisdom, in the hand of whomever the holy lord deems the glory, so to him it is properly, I should think methinks.”


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