Rough translation of lines 755 – 766

24 Oct 2007

The soul was eager to get himself away, wished to flee into some hiding place, to seek the company of hospice of devils demon noisy host; it not was his experience course (i.e. way of life) there such as he in the old days before he ever met. The good one He remembered the good one’s, the kinsman of Higelac‘s, his evening-speech, upright stood and he him laid hold on him tightly; fingers burst; the man-eater was to throw himself out turning outward (i.e. attempting to escape), and so the hero further stepped along with him. He thought the The famous notorious one thought where he could so reach by flight (a more remote place) and away there [to] flee into a fen-retreat; he knew his fingers the control (i.e. power) in hostile one’s (i.e. angry) claws (i.e. grasps). That harm-giver was grief-filled That was a sorrowful journey that the harm-giver made he had taken a trip to Heorot.


Rough translation of lines 745 – 754

22 Oct 2007

Forth near he stepped, took then with determined hands determined one the rank (i.e. warrior) in rest. He reached toward the fiend (enemy) with his hand; he quickly received seized with hostile purposes and sat up against the arm. That sins-keeper soon found that he had not met, not on middle-earth, nor any other plane of the world, in another man a greater hand-grip. He became afraid in his soul; he could not get away.

Rough translation of lines 728 – 745

21 Oct 2007

In the keep he saw many ranks, a sleeping band of kinsmen gathered together, a heap of soldier sons. Then his mood mind laughed; he thought that he would sever parted, before that day should come, the terrible, awesome one, everyone’s life against from their body bodies, as in him was arisen arising a full of feasting expectation. Not yet was that fate that anymore he could consume the race of men overnight over this night. The Higelac’s strong one may behold Higelac how the man-scather under the sudden fear-grip would act.

The awesome one meant no delay, but he grasped quickly the first at the first opportunity a sleeping man, rent him irresistibly, bit bone joints, drank blood streams, swallowed huge morsels; soon he had consumed all the unliving thing, the feet and the hands.

Rough translation of lines 714 – 727

21 Oct 2007

He waded under billowing-clouds to the gilded wine-hall of men that he most readily might certainly knew know (come into line of sight), the adorned with shining (or stained) gold gold-plated shining one. Nor was that the first time he sought Hrothgar’s home; but never, not in the old days of his life before, and not since, would he find harder luck or hall-thanes. Came then to the building, the (ranking) warrior traveled, deprived of (joy) dreams. The fireband (tempered) firm door quickly gave out once his hands touched it; it swung open the malignant one, then he was swollen, at the building’s open mouth. Quickly after then on the variegated (shining) floor the fiend treaded, moving angrily; from his eyes arose, most like fire, a light unbeautiful.

Rough translation of lines 687 – 713

13 Oct 2007

He bowed down, the battle-brave one, a cheek-cushion took the man’s face, and those near, the many seamen, lied down quickly for hall-rest. Not a one of them thought that he from where thence should ever seek land-love afterward, the folk or the freetown where he was raised, but had heard that death by slaughter in that wine hall had pillaged too many of the Danish tribe. but they had heard of that which they before to as much in the winecellar death by slaughter (killed dead) he pillaged, the Danish tribe.

But the Lord gave to them of the war-success web (i.e. victory’s fortunes), the Weeder’s tribesman, solace and support, so that through one’s craft they all overcame their fiend that they of them through one craft all overcome the fiend, through his own might. The truth is well known that mighty God wields the race of men for the long life of the soul.

It came on one the waning night to glide (or gliding) the shadow-walker. The shooters slept, there in that the ones who had to hold that horn-gabled house that they had to hold, all but one — that was to known to the ancestors that the sin-scather they (he) could not, there fate would not (when the measurer not desired it), the sinful scather braid them under the shadows — but he kept watch wrath(fully) in anger he bided the ends of battle enraged (bulging mind) of the ends of battle.

Then came off the moor under the night-fog (check DOE) Grendel going, bearing God’s ire, the man-scather intent on snaring some of the race of men in the high hall.