Rough translation of lines 714 – 727

He waded under billowing-clouds to the gilded wine-hall of men that he most readily might certainly knew know (come into line of sight), the adorned with shining (or stained) gold gold-plated shining one. Nor was that the first time he sought Hrothgar’s home; but never, not in the old days of his life before, and not since, would he find harder luck or hall-thanes. Came then to the building, the (ranking) warrior traveled, deprived of (joy) dreams. The fireband (tempered) firm door quickly gave out once his hands touched it; it swung open the malignant one, then he was swollen, at the building’s open mouth. Quickly after then on the variegated (shining) floor the fiend treaded, moving angrily; from his eyes arose, most like fire, a light unbeautiful.


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