Rough translation of lines 728 – 745

In the keep he saw many ranks, a sleeping band of kinsmen gathered together, a heap of soldier sons. Then his mood mind laughed; he thought that he would sever parted, before that day should come, the terrible, awesome one, everyone’s life against from their body bodies, as in him was arisen arising a full of feasting expectation. Not yet was that fate that anymore he could consume the race of men overnight over this night. The Higelac’s strong one may behold Higelac how the man-scather under the sudden fear-grip would act.

The awesome one meant no delay, but he grasped quickly the first at the first opportunity a sleeping man, rent him irresistibly, bit bone joints, drank blood streams, swallowed huge morsels; soon he had consumed all the unliving thing, the feet and the hands.


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