Rough translation of lines 755 – 766

The soul was eager to get himself away, wished to flee into some hiding place, to seek the company of hospice of devils demon noisy host; it not was his experience course (i.e. way of life) there such as he in the old days before he ever met. The good one He remembered the good one’s, the kinsman of Higelac‘s, his evening-speech, upright stood and he him laid hold on him tightly; fingers burst; the man-eater was to throw himself out turning outward (i.e. attempting to escape), and so the hero further stepped along with him. He thought the The famous notorious one thought where he could so reach by flight (a more remote place) and away there [to] flee into a fen-retreat; he knew his fingers the control (i.e. power) in hostile one’s (i.e. angry) claws (i.e. grasps). That harm-giver was grief-filled That was a sorrowful journey that the harm-giver made he had taken a trip to Heorot.


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