Rough translation of lines 788 – 794

30 Nov 2007

He held him fast, he who of men was with might the strongest on that day of this life. The shelterer would not for anything let that death bringer go alive, not nor did the shelterer his life-days any of the tribesman considered useful to tell.


Rough translation of lines 767 – 788

30 Nov 2007

The splendid hall resounded, happened to all the Danes, fortress-dwellers, to every keen one, to heroes the dispensing of gall (bitter ale). Ireful were both, furious guardians of the house. The building over-echoed. There was wonder much that the wineseller withstood the battlebrave ones withstood, that he into the ground not fell, beautiful building of the fold, but it held fast, with iron bands inside and out was it, skills skillfully smithed. There from the hall fell away the many meedbenches, as I have heard, gold adorned, where the grim ones fought. Of this they did not expect before wiseman of the Shieldings that it ever by common means any man bestlike and bone-decorated may break, with cunning destroy, took unless flame’s embrace swallowed it in the heat. A sound ascended upward, altogether new, a direlike fear to the North-Danes stood direlike in fear, every which one there of the wall heard weeping, a terrible song to sing the enemy of God victoryless sang sore bewailed, Hell’s captive.