Rough translation of lines 805 – 823

On that day of this life, his parting from life should have to become unhandy, and the alien guest should have to travel far into the wielding (hands?) of fiends. Then that one found he who much before did disturbance of the heart to the race of men, crime —he [was in a] feud with God— that the body-covering will would not avail, but him they had by the hand the hearty/spirited kinsman of Higelac have by hand; was each other live hated each was hateful to the other alive. A body-sore suffered that terrible awesome one; him in the shoulder happened an angry wound, sinews sprang asunder, and his bone-locker burst. To Beowulf was happened granted a battle-balm. Shall Had Grendel thence life-sick to flee under the fen-slope, to go to that hapless/joyless home; he knew he the more surely that his life was end reached of days numbered.


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