Rough translation of lines 823 – 841

To the all Danes all came to pass after the massacre/slain-storm/corpse-rush gladness befell: had then cleansed he who before came from afar (subj), prudent and strong-minded, protected the hall of Hrothgar against rancor. He rejoiced the night-work, fame for courage. Had for the East Danes, tribesman of the Geat people, lasted their his boast, likewise remedied all the distress, the malice/grievous sorrow which they before suffered/engaged and for dire need shall have had to thole, unlittle grief. That was a clear token/sign since when the battle-brave one those brave in battle laid hand, arm and shoulder —there was altogether Grendel’s grip— under the vaulted roof.

Then was in the morning, I have heard, around the gift-hall many a warriors; folk-captains fared traveled from far and near over wide-stretched ways a the wonder to see, the leavings/tracks of the loathed one.


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