3rd Part of the Final Translation, More or Less Done

Not yet was to come his fate: that no more
could he consume mankind over this night.
Higelac’s muscle could behold how the man-scather
under the sudden grip would act.

The awesome one meant no delay, but he grasped
quickly at first chance a sleeping man,
rent him irresistibly, bit bone joints,
drank blood streams, swallowed huge morsels.
Soon he had consumed all the unliving thing,
the feet and the hands.

Near he stepped further, and took then,
with hands determine, one of the resting warriors.
He reached toward the enemy with his hand.

Quickly he seized with hostile purposes
and sat up against the arm. The keeper of sins
soon found that he had not met, not on middle-earth,
nor any other plane of the world, in another being
a greater handgrip. He became afraid
in his soul. He could not get away.


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